Banking: it’s child’s play

ING believes clarity and transparency are the foundations of a financially healthy future. In an effort to create awareness and preference among international talents who share this belief, it has launched a unique social media campaign. On Facebook, potential future bankers from around the globe are challenged to explain some key financial topics to children aged between 7 and 10 years.

An answer that even children can understand

Every week, a new question asked by a child will be posted on Facebook in the form of a short video. The challenge to anyone considering a career in banking is to submit a clear and transparent answer that even children can understand.

Why do we need banks?

Children’s book about banking

Using the most inspiring answers submitted to the campaign, ING will create a unique children’s book about banking. And Koos Timmermans, vice-chairman of ING Bank, will personally recognise and respond to the contributors who truly impress him.

Clarity and transparency

Koos Timmermans: “The ability to explain complex financial issues in a very clear and transparent way should be a prerequisite for all bankers, because these elements are the foundations of a financially healthy future.”

Top employer

The aim of this campaign is to create awareness and preference among talented individuals who are interested in more than just the material gains from a career in banking.

Where does the campaign run?

The campaign will run for five weeks, starting 8 January and ending on 14 February, in several countries, including the UK, Turkey, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland and Romania.

Who else is involved?

Both CEMS and AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organisations that focus on providing a platform for leadership development, will play an integral part in reaching and engaging the campaign’s target audience. ING has maintained a long-term relationship with both institutions.

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