– November 2012

From Belgium...

‘Direct if possible, advice when needed’: this distribution model is catching on in Belgium.
Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING Belgium, talks about the spectacular growth in customer numbers and the increase in mobile banking.

... to Central Europe

CEOs Cornelia Coman and Renata Mrazova of ING Insurance/Investment Management talk about their careers, their work and how they inspire their staff.

About new financing guidelines...

Leonie Schreve and Mercedes Sotoca speak about the Equator Principles, sustainable financing guidelines, their significance for the international sector, what the updating of these guidelines means and the role of ING.

...and our performance

This issue also contains a summary of the figures for the third quarter of 2012. And lots more articles, including the best way of preparing a simple budget and the experiences of setting up agricultural funding in the Ukraine and Russia.

There is also a chance to win tickets for a concert performed by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The next issue will appear in February 2013.

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