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What matters

  • Children & education
  • Financial empowerment and entrepreneurship

Facts / Figures

  • We are on target to positively impact one million children by 2015
  • In 2013 we donated € 13.4 million to charities
  • More than 58,000 hours volunteered by ING employee


  • In 2015, at least one million children are reached through our partnership with UNICEF
  • Our total charitable giving should for 60% or more be targeted towards our focus areas children and education and financial empowerment and entrepreneurship

A strong and healthy community benefits everyone - its current inhabitants, its businesses and future generations. ING operates in many communities around the world, and we believe we have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to them.

ING UNICEF partnership

To underline this commitment we started the ING Chances for Children global initiative in 2005 for the disadvantaged children of the world. We believe education is a fundamental building block for the development of societies. Access to education can be life-changing and help to equalise opportunity, leading to economic growth and the development of a healthy society. However, for children to truly benefit from education, their basic needs need to be met first. That is why the scope of our ING Chances for Children programme includes the provision of clean water and healthcare.

We chose to partner with UNICEF towards the fulfilment of a shared vision of providing a better future to disadvantaged children around the world, thus contributing to the 2nd Millennium Development Goal (‘Achieve universal primary education’).

Since the launch of the partnership, ING employees have been the cornerstone of the continued success of the programme, enthusiastically giving their valuable time and money. All financial contributions from our employees are doubled through the ING matching scheme.

2012 – 2015

In 2012, ING Bank extended its partnership with UNICEF for 3 years. The aim is that in 2015, the ING-UNICEF partnership will have positively impacted the lives of at least one million children in need by providing them with access to school, better-quality education, and safer and healthier living conditions. Moreover, the partnership strategy was extended beyond a mere focus on primary education. Together with UNICEF, ING agreed to broaden the scope of the partnership to also include programmes in the area of financial education and entrepreneurship.


In 2013, ING was able to raise almost EUR 3,1 million for UNICEF, which brings the total donations since 2005 to a staggering EUR 26.7 million on donations for UNICEF. As a result of these funds, 888,990 children have been provided with access to school, better-quality education, and safer and healthier living conditions.

Download the factsheets of each of the specific projects:

Financial empowerment and entrepreneurship

We believe that financial empowerment and self-sufficiency lead to a better financial future and stronger communities. Therefore we aim to empower individuals to achieve this goal by investing in financial and business literacy and supporting start-up entrepreneurs. These initiatives are aimed at children, women, micro and small business entrepreneurs.

ING Microfinance: "A Billion to Gain?"

ING acknowledges the importance of inclusive finance. Since 2004, we have granted loans to micro-finance institutions (MFIs) in developing countries, who lended the money to micro-entrepreneurs. The report series ‘A Billion to Gain?’ are developed to give a comprehensive overview of the Microfinance Offer and reflect on ING’s (sustainable) projects and on international practices.

Please click here to read more about the reports, the projects and he upcoming 'A Billion to Gain?' 2014.

Last modified: 18 June 2014

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