Engaging our employees

What matters

  • Becoming a top employer
  • Employee engagement
  • Creating a diverse workforce

Facts / Figures

  • 7 Top Employer Awards won in 2013
  • € 74 million spent on employee training and development


  • Increase overall employee engagement as measured by the Winning Performance Culture Scan
  • Further embed sustainability in employee onboarding programmes, and ensure sufficient awareness for the issue among new employees
  • Track progress in the implementation of the Top Employer programme

The operating environment for financial institutions is undergoing fundamental changes and our long-term business depends on being resilient to them with the help of the right people.

Becoming a top employer

To attract, engage and retain the most talented people, now and in the future, we must be seen as a top employer. Research indicates that such employers produce rounded employees who give customers a more positive experience. Moreover, highly sought-after employers are more productive and have a significantly lower rate of churn.

Consistently providing our employees with the tools they need to be successful and to create a work environment that supports their physical and mental wellbeing are some of the steps towards achieving this sought-after status. Empowering our people, encouraging them to grow and give back to society, creating an inclusive corporate culture that embraces differences are all part of this process. Our performance culture revolves around these objectives as well as the ING Business Principles and society’s changing expectations regarding responsible remuneration.

Employee engagement

Constant changes within the company and continued market uncertainty make employee engagement critical. ING’s annual employee engagement survey called the Winning Performance Culture (WPC) scan gauges the state of mind of our employees, highlighting the issues of importance to them. The WPC survey, launched in 2005, covers topics such as management quality, integrity, compliance, diversity, employee pride, brand perception and community investment.

Creating a diverse workforce

Diversity is important to ING. We believe the composition of our workforce must be reflective of society, bringing diverse talents, beliefs and perceptions to the workplace. This goes beyond the male/female ratio to be inclusive in our hiring process across race, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities and personal philosophies. A centralised team helps businesses create their own diversity plans to help achieve this desirable level of diversity.

Last modified: 28 March 2014

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