2016 Annual Report - Accelerate


We’re all busier than ever before. The pace of change is increasing. This creates challenges for people but also offers new opportunities to serve them better. New trends are re-defining the customer experience. As leaders in digital banking, we are stepping up our own transformation to ensure we stay relevant to customers in this changing environment. Now is the time to accelerate.

Key Figures

Net result ING Group
+ 16 %
Underlying net result Banking
+ 18 %
ING Group's underlying return on equity
+ 10.1 %
Fully loaded CET 1 ratio ING Group
14.2 %
Underlying cost/income ratio ING bank
54.2 %
Net Promoter Score Retail Banking
Top Ranking
Sustainable transitions financed
34.3 bln
Sustainable assets under management
3.3 bln
CO2e emissions
74 kilotonnes
Customers felt financially empowered
23.9 mln


The year in fast-forward
Customer expectations are changing. So too is ING. In today’s switched on, plugged in world there’s no time for the mundane anymore. It requires new ways of doing things, also banking. ING is picking up the pace to meet these needs better and faster. In 90 seconds we give you some examples of what we did in 2016.

How we create value

Value creation model

The role of a financial institution is to support and promote economic, social and environmental progress leading to a better quality of life for people in society, while generating adequate returns for shareholders. This is what the value we create for and with our stakeholders, such as customers and shareholders, should be about. How we create value is illustrated in our Value Creation Model.

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03 Feb 2016

Financial planning made easy

In Poland, a new electronic banking platform for customers was introduced taking the hassle out of managing personal finances.

Moje ING (My ING) offers customers a simple overview of their finances, and access to an easy-to-use financial planning tool. Customers can also do all their traditional banking tasks.

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13 Apr 2016

It’s ‘Ee En Ghee’!

The Bank celebrated its 25th year in March which was also a good time to reflect on a campaign to ensure that the Dutch public knew how to pronounce the new company’s name.

Dutch actor André van den Heuvel starred in the campaign which was a great success. By December 1993, 83 percent of people were familiar with the new brand.

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01 Jun 2016

‘I’m extrovert by nature’ – Isabel Fernandez

ING’s newest board member Isabel Fernandez reveals she’s an extrovert by nature and believes a leader’s role to energise and inspire a team.

“I’m low on hierarchy and value result-based teamwork beyond the individual contribution,” said Isabel.

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02 Jun 2016

Committed to the transition to a circular economy

ING made a commitment to stimulate the circular economy in June by joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a corporate member. The foundation is the world’s leading platform on the subject, aiming to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

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21 Jul 2016

A new form of customer service

At a time when banking is becoming more digitalised, ING’s online communities have become a new form of customer service. Rather than contacting the Bank directly, more customers are opting to go to fellow customers to find answers to their money or banking problems. These are available in France, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands.

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02 Sep 2016

Treasurers see the virtual reality of cash management

Helping company treasurers to make better financial decisions by gaining insight, access and control of their company’s cash position was the motivation behind the launch of Virtual Cash Management in August. With VCM, treasurers can manage their company’s cash across borders, using only a single bank account.

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22 Sep 2016

Happy 40th, ATM

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26 Sep 2016

Convenient withdrawals in Spain

ING in Spain’s new service ‘Twyp Cash’ was introduced in September allowing customers to withdraw money with their smartphone when paying for other purchases at more than 3,500 supermarkets and service stations.

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03 Oct 2016

Emergence of convergence

At ING’s Investor Day in October, CEO Ralph Hamers announced an intention to start a path of convergence towards one digital banking platform. The aim would be for select countries to harmonise business models and develop shared operating platforms. From 2016 to 2021, Ralph announced an intention to invest EUR 800 million in the digital transformation.

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18 Oct 2016

We are Yolt (by ING)

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08 Dec 2016

ING named Global Bank of the Year

ING scooped the pool at The Banker’s 2016 Best Bank Awards winning the Global Bank of the Year in London and best bank awards in the Netherlands, Belgium and Western Europe.

Bank Vice-Chairman Koos Timmermans, who attended the ceremony in December said the awards recognise ING as a leading bank that is on the right track in today's fast changing world.

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