2020 Annual Report

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In a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, we continued to create value for our stakeholders by living up to our purpose of empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. Our strategic ambition to become a data-driven digital leader, and the progress we’ve made towards that ambition, meant we could respond effectively to the challenges of Covid-19 and society’s growing reliance on mobile banking.

Key Figures

Net result ING Group
€2,485 mln
Return on Equity ING Group
4.8 %
CET1 ratio ING Group
15.5 %
ING Group's result before tax
− 44 %
Cost/ Income ratio
63.2 %
Net Promoter Score Retail Banking
in 6 out of
14 Retail markets
Climate Finance
€16.5 bln
Social Impact Finance
€0.5 bln
Sustainable Investment services
€13.2 bln
Customers who felt financially empowered
27.8 mln

How we create value

The role of a financial institution is to support and promote economic, social and environmental progress leading to a better quality of life for people in society, while generating adequate returns for shareholders. This is what the value we create for and with our stakeholders, such as customers and shareholders, should be about. How we create value is illustrated in our Value Creation Model.

Value creation model

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