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Financially fit
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Financially fit

Managing your finances is not something that everybody enjoys doing, but is very worthwhile when it is done. If people have an understanding and overview of their financial situation, they can be more confident about the financial choices they make.

ING is keen to inform customers about their options, when it comes to managing their finances. With online seminars, personal advice and handy tools and scans, ING helps people gain an understanding of their financial affairs, so they can make smart decisions that best suit their personal financial situation. ING wants to inspire its customers in the Netherlands to optimise their short-term and long-term finances, so as many people as possible can look to a healthy financial future. Examples include tips on financing college fees and saving for later, in particular for pensions.

Financially fit, a financial education programme, was therefore one of the most important focuses of activity for ING in the Netherlands in 2014. Financially fit is based on managing finance in four key areas: income and expenditure, capital, the home situation and pensions.

In 2014, as part of the programme, ING initiated the “How much are you worth?” programme in conjunction with SBS6, a Dutch television station and introduced ‘carefree living’, a package of mortgage assistance and support. In addition, the ING Fame Game was developed further. This game teaches young people how to manage money. In 2015, Financially fit remains a very important initiative for ING.

Financially fit: Having and keeping your financial affairs in order. For now and in the future.