ING Collection in the Netherlands

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ING’s art collection in the Netherlands features contemporary works by upcoming and established artists who push the limits in figurative art and are not afraid to experiment.

<center>Niek Hendrix<br><br>Sisyphus (no copy), 2017<br><br>oil and pencil on panel<br><br>67 x 50 cm (68 x 51 cm) (5x)</center>

Niek Hendrix

Sisyphus (no copy), 2017

oil and pencil on panel

67 x 50 cm (68 x 51 cm) (5x)

ING took this innovative approach in 2013 after thoroughly evaluating its art policy. The collection contains artworks by international and Netherlands-based artists whose works are influenced by the broad figurative tradition. These include Indré Urbonaité, Julius von Bismarck and Katja Novitskova, as well as Matthew Day Jackson and artist duo Martine Feipel and Jean Bechamail.

Our Dutch collection provides food for thought and is meant to trigger conversation, often created by socially engaged artists.

<center>Katja Novitskova, 1984<br><br><em>Approximation (5dl5.0 chimera surface ligand, fruit fly)</em>, 2017<br><br>digital print on aluminum, cutout display, acrylic glass<br><br>166 x 150 x 60 cm</center>

Katja Novitskova, 1984

Approximation (5dl5.0 chimera surface ligand, fruit fly), 2017

digital print on aluminum, cutout display, acrylic glass

166 x 150 x 60 cm


The collection’s roots are founded in two figurative art movements in the Netherlands: the Magic Realists from the 1920s and 1930s and the later Northern Realists from the 1980s.

The ING Collection dates back to 1974. It was established by NMB Postbank Group for its new headquarters in Amsterdam. Over the years new collections were added following NMB’s mergers with Postbank and Nationale-Nederlanden. Although these focused on photography and abstract art, NMB’s collection clearly emphasised contemporary Dutch figurative art. This is still the focus of the ING Collection in the Netherlands.

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