Ron van Kemenade

14 February 2022 ... min read
Ron van Kemenade

Ron van Kemenade

  • Member Management Board Banking
  • chief technology officer
Born 1965
Nationality Dutch


Ron van Kemenade was appointed as a member of the Management Board Banking and chief technology officer as of 1 May 2021. Prior to his appointment, he was the chief information officer of ING Bank.

Most important other ancillary positions

  • Member of the supervisory board of ING Groenbank N.V.


Ron van Kemenade has a public administration degree from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Furthermore, he holds a post graduate controller’s degree

2021 ING Bank, Member Management Board Banking and chief technology officer (as of 1 May 2021)
2013-2021 ING Bank, CIO
2011-2013 ING Bank the Netherlands, CIO
2009-2010 ING Retail Banking Benelux, executive director OIB
2008-2009 ING, executive director Retail
2003-2008 ING Bank, various positions, including board member of Postbank, director internet retail ING Netherlands
Before 2003 KPN, various positions, including CFO Telecommerce, director international business developments for internet service providers, director consumer internet and media services

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