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Driving innovation at ING

ING Ventures is the venture capital arm of ING making minority investments in early stage companies that have a strategic relevance to ING.

It targets disruptive technologies that have the potential to impact ING’s business and ensure customers and clients get access to best-in-class services.

Based in Amsterdam but shadowing ING’s geographic footprint of 41 countries, ING Ventures is a €300 million fund that not only drives innovation within ING, but also helps entrepreneurs with hands-on support, know-how, scaling expertise and access to our distribution network.

How we add value

Lupina Iturriaga

Lupina Iturriaga (CEO Fintonic): “ING Ventures quickly recognised our vision and was keen to come onboard to support our expansion in Spain. Since then, Fintonic became the leading money management solution in Spain and successfully entered Latin America. ING Ventures has continuously supported us in this process, including introductions to their network and lending us resources on a project basis.”

Michal Smida

Michal Smida (CEO Twisto): “ING Ventures led our Series A funding round in August 2017. In addition to the investment, we signed a partnership with ING in Poland, which will help us to expand into this market, making ING a valuable distribution partner of our solution. As an investor, ING Ventures continues to support us in growing our business.”

Daniele Grassie

Daniele Grassi (CEO Axyon AI): “We graduated from ING Labs in 2016, since then, ING Ventures has become an important endorser of our value proposition, supporting the company to build long-term value. The team has been of great support in expanding our network by creating opportunities inside ING as well as connecting us with high-profile advisors and important players in the financial sector.”



Jan Willem Nieuwenhuize
Managing Director

Vincent Buitelaar

Laura Schmidt
Investment Manager

Aditya Jadhav

Michiel van Willigenburg
Finance & Operations

Frederic Hofmann
Managing Director

Zhixue Lu
Investment Manager

Clara Cartallier

Nadia Ahmed-Bhatty
Finance & Operations


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