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Financial empowerment

ING believes that financially empowered people make smarter financial decisions that positively influence their day-to-day finances. By providing the right information and tools at the right time, supported by clear and easy products, ING strives to empower people to make better financial decisions.

A good example of this is our Financially fit philosophy in the Netherlands. In 2015 Financially fit tools were used more than one million times in the Netherlands.

We also aim to make a positive impact in the communities where we are active and in society in general. We focus our financial education efforts on young people, because we believe that good financial habits are developed early in life.

We fund research, make donations and share our knowledge, by for example volunteering as guest lecturers in the primary school programmes “Coltiva il tuo sogno” (Grow your dreams) in Italy and “Orange Drops” in Turkey. Our “Power for Youth” partnership with UNICEF aims to reach 335,000 adolescents in six less-developed countries by 2018, helping them to develop the social and financial knowledge and skills they need to build brighter futures.