ING Brand

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ING is a global financial services brand offering a range of banking and insurance services in over fifty countries. The ING brand dates from 1991 when a Dutch bank and insurer merged into the Internationale Nederlanden Groep ‘I-N-G’, and the lion in the logo is derived from various logos of predecessor companies. Over the years over fifty labels have been rebranded to ING and worldwide brand awareness and reputation have steadily grown.

Today, many millions of private, corporate and institutional customers in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Australia are putting their faith in ING to help them manage their financial future.

In the years to come the structure of the company will change significantly. In light of the 2009 Back to Basics strategy the decision has been made to separate the banking and insurance activities and to focus on a smaller number of stronger businesses going forward.

For the ING brand this will most probably mean that we will be even more committed to be a brand that stands out and leads the way in making finance easier. Our businesses share much more than just their name and logo. At ING, we combine a desire to do the right thing for our customers with a can-do mentality.

We aim to provide smart, reliable and sustainable products and services to build and protect financial futures. And we do so in a way that assures our customers that they have all the right information and insight to make their own decisions. With every transaction, we communicate in plain language, respond quickly and try to keep things clear, simple and straightforward.

That’s what making finance easier is all about. That’s what the ING brand is about.

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