Two Sunflowers against a Red Background

Erik Andriesse, ongedateerd

Two Sunflowers against a Red Background

Erik Andriesse (Bussum, NL, 1957 – Amsterdam, NL, 1993)

It was during and after his time at the former Ateliers ’63 that Erik Andriesse experimented with abstract compositions. As brief as that period may have been, the contours of his signature flowers and animals were clearly visible in his work on wood and paper even back then. Andriesse was not interested in depicting these themes true to life. He used the most intricate forms and patterns as an excuse to explore the potential of painting as an art form. This journey resulted in wayward, extremely colourful compositions full of energy and skill. No need to interpret the skulls, skeletons and stages of bloom and decay in his work as vanitas symbolism; he merely puts our mortality into perspective – and with panache.

The visual experience of his work is vital to Erik Andriesse, and the flowers he paints lend themselves perfectly to the explosions of colour he seeks to portray. Depicted in their full glory against a blood red background, these two sunflowers seem almost human: the long stems with leaves remind one of gesturing arms that press home the words of the ´conversation´ between the flowers. The paint splashed and dribbled on the canvas creates some extra dynamics.

1974-1977: De Ateliers (at the time of Andriesse's education: Ateliers ’63), Haarlem, NL

About this object

Erik Andriesse

Two Sunflowers against a Red Background


acryllic on canvas

48 x 149 cm (49 x 150 cm)

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