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Circusballet - Kees Maks (1876-1967)

Circusballet - Kees Maks (1876-1967)

Exclusive for Private Banking and Wealth Management customers - ING Art Management Services

Are you a collector who has been on the lookout for a specific work of art for a number of years? Or are you just starting out as a collector and want to expand your collection? Perhaps you have inherited a collection or want to gift a collection to the next generation and would like to find out the tax implications? These are the kinds of issues encountered by collectors on a daily basis.

ING can offer you more than financial advice on your assets. The ING experts can also provide you with objective and expert advice on art. When it comes to art, emotions play a key role, but it is also important to consider the financial, tax and legal aspects.

The ING Art Management department has 38 years’ experience of collection management and retention. Our experts are happy to share their expertise with Private Banking and Wealth Management customers. In early 2008, ING was the first Dutch financial institution to feature (third position) in the European ranking in the Banking Review publication with its Art Management Services programme. ING Art Management is the only department at a financial institution in the Netherlands with current and commercial art expertise in house and as such is the only institution able to forge a direct link between art management and banking without the intervention of third parties.

You can use our unique service!
If you are a Private Banking or Wealth Management customer and would like to find out more about Art Management Services, contact your account manager or one of our art experts. If you are not yet a customer, but would like to know more about Art Management’s expertise, contact one of us.

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