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The ING art collection, formerly of NMB Bank, was established in 1974. Three years later, a collecting policy was defined with a clear emphasis on contemporary Dutch figurative art. With the merger between NMB and Postbank, and the subsequent merger with Nationale-Nederlanden, two important collections were integrated into what would become the ING Collection in the Netherlands.

The collecting policy pursued by Postbank, under the supervision of PTT’s Aesthetics Committee, and Nationale-Nederlanden, greatly differed from NMB’s art policy. While the policy at NMB focused on figurative art, the collecting policies of the other two firms were instead aimed towards photography and abstract works by the likes of Ger Dekkers, Peter Struycken and Joost Baljeu.

As from 2003, the Postbank and Nationale-Nederlanden collections were presented alongside of the Dutch figurative works of art. Since the division of ING Bank and Insurance in 2011, their collections are now presented separately. The collecting policy for the ING Bank Collection remains focused on Dutch figurative art.


ING’s art collection in the Netherlands focuses on contemporary figurative art. As the figurative tradition is very broad, consisting of a variety of schools, media and artists, the ING Collection strives to provide a representative survey of trends in Expressionism, Impressionism and realistic figurative art. The collection includes works by the Magic Realists and the Northern Realists as well as pieces by contemporary artists such as Stijn Peters, Erwin Olaf, Koen Vermeule, Philip Akkerman and Iris van Dongen.

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