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In addition to our own exhibitions, we regularly lend works from the ING Collection to museums and cultural institutions around the world. Loan pieces are exhibited, for example, at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen and Seoul National University Museum of Art. Below you’ll find a selection of loans and exhibitions.

Michael Ryan (1953)  <br><em>At the concert</em>, 2004 <br>Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 31 December 2018

Michael Ryan (1953)
At the concert, 2004
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 31 December 2018

At the concert by US artist Michael Ryan (1953) adorns the wall outside the main concert hall of Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw. ING loaned it to the theatre to commemorate its 125th anniversary in 2014.

Amsterdam-based Ryan (1953) painted the conductor and the musicians in red light, it atmospheric character reminiscent of concerts in the Royal Concertgebouw.

Katja Novitskova (1984) <br><em>Approximation (5dl5.0 chimera surface ligand, fruit fly)</em>, 2017 <br>Venice Biennale and KUMU Art Museum, Tallin (Estonia), 2017-2018

Katja Novitskova (1984)
Approximation (5dl5.0 chimera surface ligand, fruit fly), 2017
Venice Biennale and KUMU Art Museum, Tallin (Estonia), 2017-2018

The artwork Approximation (5dl5.0 chimera surface ligand, fruit fly) by the Estonian installation artist Katja Novitskova (1984), is currently on loan to the KUMU Art Museum in Tallin.

The enlarged cut-out of a fruit fly surrounded by an imaginary ligand was also on loan to Venice Biennale in 2017. It was shown at the Estonian Pavilion as art of the Amsterdam-based artist’s project If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.

It challenges the authenticity of visual images and the relationship to physical space in the digital age.

Pyke Koch (1901-1991)  <br><em>The Harvest</em>, 1953 <br>Centraal Museum Utrecht, until 25 March 2018

Pyke Koch (1901-1991)
The Harvest, 1953
Centraal Museum Utrecht, until 25 March 2018

The Harves by Utrecht artist Pyke Koch (1901-1991) is on loan to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht for its exhibition The world of Pyke Koch. Koch is leading representative of magic realism in the Netherlands.

Seemingly a serene scene of people harvesting nuts, the artist creates tension by painting blood on the legs of one of the pickers.

The exhibition displays Koch’s works in the context of his contemporaries. In this way, it seeks a deeper understanding of his artistic career and inspiration while exploring the political complexities of the period between the World Wars.

The world of Pyke Koch runs until March 2018.

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