ING Collection on the move

Harry van der Woud

Two artworks from the ING Collection on loan to the L.A.C., Sigean France till 22 may 2011

The works by Dutch artists Barend Blankert and Harry van der Woud are on display in the French Museum L.A.C. in Sigean France . Other selected artists by curator Maria Mineta are Harry Cox, Harry Holland, Jean Rustin, Volker Stelzmann and Co Westerik. A large audience attended the opening ceremony on April 9th. An accompanying catalogue with text by the famous art historian Edward Lucie Smith was published in co operation with the museum directors Piet Moget and Layla Moget.

Barend Blankert

Both Barend Blankert and Harry van der Woud were present at the opening and introduced their works to the collectors and visitors. Barend, the Master of Melancholia, attended us to the beautiful detail of the green rope in his work ‘Stoel’ (chair) from 2005 while Harry addressed the crowd on his work ‘Sceance met Eierschaal’ (scene with eggshell) from 2004, that depicts 4 self-portraits of the artist. Overview exhibition

Adriaan Vos, a former gallery owner from Oss, the Netherlands wrote an interesting article (in Dutch) about the exhibition for NieuwsNed.

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