ING introduces savings account for UNICEF

08 October 2013 ... min read Listen

ING introduces the ING Savings Account for UNICEF, where customers can support UNICEF by saving on the account.

More than half of everyone in the Netherlands says major companies and institutions need to take their responsibility by supporting charities financially. Nearly two-thirds say it's a good idea for companies to become an official sponsor of a charity. On one condition, though: the charity has to be transparent about where the money is going.

ING and UNICEF invest in education projects

The survey also shows that eight out of every ten people in the Netherlands see a good education as a key to a country's development.

That fits in perfectly with ING's work with UNICEF since 2005. Peter-Paul Wekking, director of Marketing for Savings at ING: “Together with UNICEF, ING invests in education projects in a number of developing countries and we have already given 800,000 children access to better education in a healthy and safe living environment.

ING Savings Account for UNICEF

To give the sponsorship even more cashing power, we introduce the ING Savings Account for UNICEF. The bank will donate 0.10% per annum calculated over the total average savings balance on these accounts to UNICEF. Customers with the savings account for UNICEF therefore invest directly in better pre-school education. This contribution has no effect on the customer's balance or interest. In addition, this savings account gives customers an easy option of making a quarterly or one-off donation to UNICEF right from their savings account. It's a nice thing to do, but there's no obligation.”

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