ING Bank Śląski - best commercial bank in Poland

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ING Bank Śląski - best commercial bank in Poland

ING Bank Śląski has been recognised as the best commercial bank in Poland in 2009, according to a leading daily financial newspaper.

Rzeczpospolita, sometimes referred to as the Polish Financial Times because of its influence, awarded the bank the title on the basis of its solid profitability and solvency levels.

In assessing the 525 financial institutions eligible for the awards, the newspaper looked at changes in credit and deposit levels, profitability and solvency ratios among other indicators.

The newspaper noted ING Bank Śląski’s strong financial position, saying it had no problems with bad loans and surplus liquidity.

“Due to an earlier prudent credit policy, ING has no problems with non-performing loans, which influenced heavily the final scoring of our ranking. The highest score for ING was granted on the basis of the increase in net profit and the level of solvency ratio.”

The newspaper also noted that ING Bank Śląski which previously marketed itself predominantly as a savings bank, changed its strategy in 2009 and increased its lending activity. “Last year, the Bank decided to take a different track and began to take advantage of its significant deposit portfolio to increase lending. Last year, the Bank’s credit portfolio increased by 13%, including a 34% increase in retail loans and 4% rise in corporate ones.”

ING Bank Śląski CEO, Malgorzata Kolakowska, said the bank will maintain a strong savings focused strategy but at the same time will also excel in lending activities.

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