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05 September 2017 ... min read

5 September 2017

ING is opening up its economic and financial analysis to the world with the launch of a new website,

Bert Colijn, one of the regular contributors to, reveals what he thinks about. (00:48)

If you wonder what ING thinks about a range of financial and economic issues, from Trump to Brexit, from dollar moves to oil and from mobile banking to electric cars, is the place to find out.

The website, launched today, reflects ING’s view on a number of economic and financial events and issues. The channel promises to publish up-to-date, high-frequency analysis free-of-charge.

Moving with the times

ING’s Chief Economist, Mark Cliffe, who’s also Head of Global Markets Research, said it’s all about moving with the times and adapting to an ever tougher regulatory environment.

“THINK aims to help people make better decisions. We’re in a rapidly changing environment in which knowledge, let alone data, is becoming a commodity. We aim to cut through the noise.

“We’ll not only be guiding people through the latest news and trends in the global economy and markets, we’ll concentrate on the consumer side too. Over the coming months, a broader array of features and topics will be added.”

The new website will not only be looking at the latest trends in the global economy and giving our reaction to breaking news, it will also showcase ING’s eZonomics stories, explaining everyday economic issues in plain language.

Mobile friendly

THINK also marks a shift in the way of working for ING’s economists and strategists across the world. We’re moving away from old-fashioned PDF downloads and Word documents to mobile-friendly content. Expect clear stories, with better graphics, editorial images and more videos.

In short, makes the complex understandable. It will raise the right questions. It will not just explain what happened yesterday, but will also try to look into the future. And it will not just take the macro perspective, but will also zoom in on the mysteries of consumer behaviour.

So if you want to make sense of what’s really going on in the world, you’d better stop and visit

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