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Data privacy and security

We comply not just with legal and regulatory requirements for data privacy but also take customers’ wishes into consideration. Customers trust us to store their data with the utmost care and safety. We strive to be transparent about what we do with the personal data of customers, suppliers and business partners, and only process personal data for specific business purposes.

Our approach can be summarised as: the right people use the right data for the right purpose. If we would like to use a customer’s data to provide personalised services and offers to them, we will always seek their consent. In such cases, customers can withdraw their consent at any time.

ING is continuously investing in its security organisation and systems in order to protect the data of our customers. In each business unit, a data protection executive (DPE) is responsible for maintaining Global Data Protection Policies (GDPP) compliance. Our CyberCrime Resilience Programme, implemented in 2014, has increased our resilience to e-fraud, advanced persistent threats and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

See the Data Privacy and Innovation section in the What Matters Most chapter in this Annual Review for more information.