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The ING Collection is a living, evolving collection that is constantly questioning its relationship to art and its boundaries. It is a modern collection that reflect ING’s international, contemporary and innovative character. It reflects the figurative tradition of ING in an experimental and new way.

Caio Reisewitz (1967) <br /><em>Casa Rino Levi C</em> (2016)<br />

Caio Reisewitz (1967)
Casa Rino Levi C (2016)

Emma Hart (1974) <br /><em>A Shadow of my Former Selves</em> (2019) <br />

Emma Hart (1974)
A Shadow of my Former Selves (2019)

The ING Collection was started in 1974 by one of our predecessors, the NMB Postbank Group for its new headquarters in Amsterdam. Over the years, new collections have been added through various mergers and acquisitions. These include the collections of Postbank and Nationale-Nederlanden in the Netherlands, Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL) in Belgium, Barings Bank in London and ING Bank Slaski in Poland.

Visit the ING Art website to discover the collection.


Sponsorships offer ING the opportunity to engage our clients in our brand, and to build sustainable relationships with the communities in which we are active, based on clear commercial objectives. We also encourage our employees to participate in social activities.

ING's sponsorship is based on two pillars, sport and culture.

Sport fans
Rembrandt painting


Sport plays an important role in ING’s policy on sponsorship. As well as its health and social benefits, sport brings people together. ING also sees the sponsorship of sport as a useful marketing tool for boosting our brand awareness and preference and finding new target groups for our products and services. These sponsorship activities are managed by each country’s business line.

Royal Dutch Football Federation

ING in the Netherlands has been sponsoring the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) since 1996.
The colour orange, the lion in our logo, the traditional Dutch mentality are just some of the things that the KNVB and ING have in common. Being the main sponsor of the country’s football teams, including the Dutch national teams, means bringing the ‘Orange feeling’ even closer to our customers.

Royal Belgian Football Federation

ING in Belgium's sponsorship of sport concentrates primarily on football. ING Belgium is an official partner of the Royal Belgian Football Association (URBSFA/KBVB) which includes the dynamic and bold Red Devils.
Football is by far the most popular sport in Belgium, with over 1.5 million Belgians interested in the game.

German Basketball Federation

ING in Germany has been the main sponsor of e famous NBA basketballer Dirk Nowitzki, the German Basketball Federation and the Wheelchair Basketball Section of the German Wheelchair Sports Association since 2003.

The BasKIDball project offers free basketball coaching und supervised educational courses to many school pupils around the country.

The aim of the Talente mit Perspektive project is to enable the German Basketball Federation’s trainer to spot talented basketballers under the age of 14.

ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

ING in Luxembourg is a partner of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg organisation.
The organisation’s aim is to promote running and give thousands of enthusiastic participants and spectators a unique marathon experience.


Culture has always been important for customers and employees. Our aim is to make art and culture broadly accessible and is why ING sponsors several cultural projects worldwide.
ING chooses to promote its sponsoring policy at a local level. Our sponsoring programmes vary from partnerships with large cultural institutions to events, and from cultural investments to supporting young talent programmes.

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


ING has been a main sponsor of the world-famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra since 1989. In 2008, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra was voted the ‘world’s best orchestra’ by the British music magazine Gramophone. An international organisation with Dutch roots, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra offers an excellent choice in classical music to audiences all over the world.


ING and sponsorship

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam offers an international audience a representative overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The museum is widely known for its masterpieces, such as the Nightwatch by Rembrandt and its collection of Vermeer paintings. It also features important aspects of European and Asian art. ING has been sponsor of the Rijksmuseum since 2005. In 2013, the museum re-opened after a 10-year extensive renovation.

Sponsorship requests

ING receives many sponsorship requests. If you want to submit an application for a sponsorship, contact ING’s office in the country closest to the event or to your organisation’s registered office:

ING does not sponsor:

  • organisations or events of a religious or political nature
  • school travel or student events
  • initiatives from individuals
  • persons
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