Community investment 

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ING has a long-standing history of supporting people and the community.

Our goal is to ultimately contribute to society’s transition to be more sustainable. Not only a greener society, but one with people who are in better financial health and who are more empowered to take control of their finances.

Besides the impact we make on climate action and financial health through our business activities, we reach communities directly through community investment initiatives.

ING has sharpened our focus on community investment to reflect the changing needs of the communities we operate in, as the coronavirus pandemic brings long-lasting social and economic challenges.

Our community impact approach supports programmes that contribute to an inclusive economy: one where everybody has the opportunity and capability to participate.

We focus on empowering people in three areas related to financial health in the countries where we operate:

  • Future-proof employment: developing skills and finding employment.
  • Financial capabilities: getting out of problematic debt or financial distress.
  • Social enterprises: supporting local social entrepreneurs that create innovative products and services that help people.

It’s a global approach with local impact. All of ING will be working together towards the same impact goal: to help 3 million people gain better access to the economy by 2025.

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