Partnerships and collective action

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The world around us is constantly changing.

From customers to business partners, shareholders, employees, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), regulators, governments and society at large – different stakeholders expect different things from us.

To improve as an organisation, we engage with our stakeholders in a variety of ways. This helps us continuously identify and understand the topics most important to them and how these relate to the actions and decisions we take.

We support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which help companies across countries and sectors forge common targets and ambitions. We are also an early adopter of the Equator Principles, a risk management framework for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in project finance. See a full list of our memberships.

An annual materiality assessment helps us identify which economic, social and environmental topics we should prioritise to further improve the way we do business and drive sustainable progress in society.

Our material topics guide our strategic decision-making, stakeholder engagement and reporting framework. We report on our financial and non-financial results annually in our integrated annual report.

Our policies and performance are assessed regularly in globally recognised benchmarks and rankings. Check out our ratings here.

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