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Credit Ratings
  S&P Moody's Fitch GBB-Rating
ING Groep N.V.  
Issuer rating  
Long-term A− n/a A+  
Short-term A-2 n/a F1  
Outlook Stable Stable** Stable  
Debt rating  
Senior unsecured A− Baa1 A+  
Latest update  
ING Bank N.V.  
Issuer rating  
Long-term A+ A1 AA− A+
Short-term A-1 P-1 F1+ NA
Outlook Stable Stable Stable Indeterminate
Debt rating  
Senior unsecured A+ A1 AA−  
Latest update  
  • ** Outlook refers to the senior unsecured rating


Sustainability ratings and indices
  Sustainability indices Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating MSCI ESG Rating
ING Groep N.V.

Euronext Vigeo
Benelux 20
Eurozone 100 ESG
Updated: October 2023

Evaluation: ING's management of ESG material risk is ‘Strong’
Position: in the 21st percentile of 339 banks
Updated: December 2023
Rating: AA
Updated: July 2023

Note: The ratings listed above are provided for information purposes only, and are solely the opinions of the agencies issuing such ratings. By providing these ratings, ING does not imply its endorsement of or concurrence with such ratings. Ratings may be changed, superseded or withdrawn by the agencies at any time, but ING undertakes no obligation to update this list.

Credit and ESG ratings may vary amongst the respective ratings agencies as the methodologies used to determine ratings may differ. Prospective investors must determine for themselves the relevance of any such ratings information in making an investment decision. Currently, the providers of ESG ratings are not subject to any regulatory or other similar oversight in respect of their determination and award of ESG ratings.

The ratings set out in the reports do not constitute recommendations to buy, sell, or hold any security, and are not intended as an offer or invitation with respect to the purchase or sale of securities. No warranty or representation, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy or completeness of that information. In no event will ING, nor any of its directors, employees or advisors accept any liability with regard to the ratings or the information contained in the reports. ING reserves the right to terminate any link or linking program at any time.

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