Legal structure and regulators

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ING Groep N.V., a publicly-listed company, is the parent of one main legal entity: ING Bank N.V. (ING Bank).

ING Bank is the parent company of various Dutch and foreign banks.

ING Bank is directly supervised by the European Central Bank (ECB) as part of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). The SSM comprises of the ECB and national competent authorities of participating Member States. The SSM is responsible for ‘prudential supervision’ (the financial soundness of financial institutions). The ECB is responsible for specific tasks in the area of prudential supervision. DNB remains responsible for prudential supervision in respect of those powers that are not conferred to the ECB, which includes supervision on payment systems and financial crime supervision. The other Dutch financial sector supervisor, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, remains responsible for ‘conduct of business supervision’ (assessing the behaviour of players in the Dutch financial markets).

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