Purpose and values

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Our purpose is...

Our purpose

Our purpose - empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business - represents our belief in people’s potential. We don’t judge, coach or tell people how to live their lives. However big or small, modest or grand, we empower people and businesses to realise their own vision for a better future.

We know people don’t need banks, they need banking. Our promise is to make banking frictionless, removing barriers to progress and giving people the confidence in their ability to make decisions and to move forward. This promise frees them from the constraints that stand between them and their passions and encourages them to do more of the things that give their life meaning.

Our purpose guides us in everything we do. It’s founded on our belief that ING’s role is to support and promote economic, social and environmental progress, and at the same time generate healthy returns for shareholders.

do your thing

‘do your thing’ is ING’s first global tagline. It is how we articulate our purpose and promise to make banking frictionless to the world. ‘do your thing’ is about people being free to live the life they want to live, knowing that they will make their world a little better for it.

We promise customers


Integrity above all

ING's operations touch many lives: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society at large. Each individual within these groups can, and should expect us, to act with integrity.

Balancing the rights and interests of everyone is crucial to our ongoing viability. To act in ways that can stand the test of time, to live up to the values we hold as true.

For us, success will only be achieved if we act with integrity. We will not ignore, tolerate or excuse behaviour that breaches our values. To do so, would break the trust of society and the trust of the thousands of colleagues who do the right thing.

Everyone working at ING is expected to adhere to ING’s global code of conduct (PDF 0,4 MB). It builds on our Orange Code – the values and behaviours that underpin our way of working – and is based on the policies and guidelines we follow in our daily business.

We stick to 10 principles for conduct to help us to keep our bank safe, secure and compliant, and ultimately safeguard customers, society and the financial system.

Principles for conduct

Code of conduct
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