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Our perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


  • Presence in Challengers and Growth markets with moderate to strong economic growth.
  • Well-known, strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries.
  • Strong capital and liquidity position; solid financial and operating performance.
  • Omnichannel distribution strategy.
  • International network.
  • Sustainability leader.
  • Leader in digital banking.


  • High interest-income dependency.
  • Some legacy IT/operational systems in Market Leader countries.
  • Need for more agility.
  • Efficiency and teamwork in work processes is suboptimal.
  • Diversity challenges.


  • Regain trust by demonstrating care, especially towards customers and by explaining better why strategic choices are made (transparency).
  • Further improve the customer experience by accelerating innovation. Front-runner status in digital solutions gives ING Bank an edge.
  • Further improve efficiency.
  • Cultural change. Tap more into the talents of employees. Further develop a transparent and diverse no-nonsense culture.
  • Grow faster than the market due to differentiating customer experience.
  • Further utilise competitive advantage of Wholesale Banking global network.


  • Currently low/subdued economic growth in markets where ING has significant market positions.
  • Low interest rate environment.
  • Ongoing uncertainty about regulatory changes, including capital requirements and national discretion.
  • Lack of an international level playing field.
  • Possibility of threats from new entrants from outside of the industry.
  • Financial sector has an unfavourable public image in many countries.
  • Cybercrime.