ING investment case

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Through our diversified presence and product mix, combined with our market-leading digital capabilities and long-term focus on ESG, we have built a future proof business. Our attention to developing customer relationships, our ability to diversify income and our strong expertise in underwriting have resulted in a stable evolution of our earnings. Going forward, we believe ING is very well positioned to benefit from various growth drivers in the market, service our customers at lower costs and continue providing attractive returns to investors

Key messages

  • We can benefit from various growth drivers to face the challenges confronting the banking sector
  • We have a future proof business through our market-leading digital capabilities and our long-term focus on ESG
  • We have delivered strong through the cycle growth and stable bottom line results
  • Our strategy makes us well positioned to achieve our ambitions and to provide attractive returns to shareholders

Key figures

Diversified loan
63% Retail Banking /
37% Wholesale Banking
Leading digital
25 years experience
Strong ESG
AA rating by MSCI
#1 in market cap group by Sustainalytics
Through-the-cycle primary customer growth
8.2% CAGR since 2014
Fee income
4.7% CAGR since 2014
Low through-the-cycle risk costs
~25 bps
CET1 buffer
to MDA
Attractive return to shareholders
50% pay-out

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