ING Tax Principles

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We are mindful that every aspect of our business, including our approach to tax, has an impact on society. We have therefore chosen to formalise our approach so as to clarify our views on responsible tax behaviour.


We pay taxes promptly and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries we operate in, taking account of both the letter and the spirit of the law. Tax is one of the elements we take into account in our commercial and economic activities, while businesses may also respond to tax incentives and exemptions available. We monitor compliance through a Tax Control Framework. Our employees must act with integrity and adhere to the ING Values when managing tax affairs.

Business rationale

We believe in the principle that tax should follow business and consequently profits are allocated to the countries in which business value is created. We aim to comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, as well as standards such as the OECD Guidelines, and we apply the arm's length principle.

Relationship with tax authorities

Wherever we operate, we seek to establish and maintain an open and constructive dialogue with local tax authorities and other government bodies, based on the disclosure of all relevant facts and circumstances. In this dialogue we seek to provide clarity and establish certainty on all relevant local tax components in advance.


We are transparent about our approach to tax and our tax position. Disclosures are made in accordance with the relevant domestic regulations, as well as applicable reporting requirements and standards such as IFRS.


It is our policy not to advise clients on taxation matters.

ING Tax Department’s mission

  • To provide high-quality tax support to ING’s businesses and management
  • To safeguard ING’s tax position in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • To ensure that ING’s tax position is correctly reflected in our financial statements in liaison with ING’s Finance Department.

In all our activities, wherever we operate, we take due account of long-term considerations, manage risks and carefully weigh the interests of all stakeholders, while at all times respecting the ING Values.

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