How we create value

As a global bank we bring more to society than just our financial value. Our value creation model is a simplified way of showing how we create value for and with our stakeholders.

Value Creation Model

Trends impacting the banking landscape

The world around us is constantly changing. Below, we highlight several important trends that are impacting our operating environment as well as that of our competitors.

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  • Intensifying digitalisation and cybercrime
  • New entrants to the market
  • Lack of international level playing field
  • Low interest rates depressing banks’ interest margins
  • Digital platforms opening up to more than one provider
  • A need to reduce operating costs
  • Risks and opportunities from transition to a low carbon economy
  • Complex regulatory and political landscape

Value in

As a financial institution, our input is mainly in the areas of financial, intellectual and human capital.

Our people

We believe that in addition to assisting customers a bank should also provide employees the means to be the best they can be.

54,000+ employees worldwide

  • EUR 76 million spent on training and development
  • Strong belief in diversity
  • 1,500 managers trained on Think Forward Leadership Experience to support strategy roll-out


As a bank, our value chain involves the inflow and outflow of money. We facilitate payments and transactions.

Trusted financial partner

  • Over 37 million customers entrust us with their payments and deposits
  • EUR 50.4 billion shareholders’ equity and EUR 148.9 billion debt securities in issue, bank deposits and subordinated loans


Innovation to enhance customer experience and/or move beyond traditional banking

Move fast, fail fast

  • Launch of ING Ventures, a EUR 300 million venture capital fund for fintechs
  • Over 4,600 employees trained on PACE, ING’s new way to innovate

Our planet

Our activities impact the environment. This includes the direct impact we have from the operations of our buildings, from IT systems and from business travel.

Sustainable development

  • ING supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • ESR Framework applied to WB corporate loans
  • ING is an RE100 member and a Circular Economy 100 (CE100) corporate member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Our Strategy

Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business

Value out

Although our input is mainly in the areas of financial, intellectual and human capital, our output is even broader and also affects the environment and innovation, for example.

Products & services

Data analytics enable us to exceed expectations by delivering products and services based on customers preferences.

Platform thinking

  • 98% of interactions with retail customers via digital channels
  • Retail system availability for the Netherlands and Belgium of 99.7% Ⓐ

Our people

Being a responsible employer that provides staff with good working conditions and opportunities for growth.

Agile, engaged and empowered

  • ING received top employer recognition in 7 countries
  • ING in the healthiest 25% of organisations in the Organisational Health Index
  • Jobs may be impacted by the acceleration of the Think Forward strategy
  • 39% of women in management positions


ING aims for strong and stable financial results

Strong financial position

  • Leverage ratio of 4.7%
    • 2020 target is >4%
  • Cost/income ratio 55.5%
    • 2020 target is 50-52%
  • Common equity Tier 1 ratio fully loaded of 14.7%


We place a high priority on innovation within ING to keep pace with the change around us and meet changing customer needs by delivering innovative products and services.

Beyond traditional banking

  • 139 Active fintech partnerships and investments
  • Joined circular economy platform Madaster
  • EUR 800 million in digital transformation investments
  • 786 ideas submitted to Innovation Bootcamp

Social & network

We empower customers and help them to make well-informed financial decisions.

Empowering customers

  • Increase in primary relationships to almost 11 million
  • Customers in 7 out of 13 countries rank ING #1 in terms of NPS Ⓐ
  • 25.4 million customers feel financially empowered by ING Ⓐ
  • EUR 574.5 billion in customer loans

Our planet

We can help facilitate the transition to a fairer, greener economy by financing projects that accelerate clients’ sustainable transitions and supporting clients that contribute solutions to environmental and social challenges.

Enabling a low-carbon society

  • EUR 14.6 billion in Climate finance
  • EUR 5.5 billion in finance to Industry ESG leaders
  • ING launches sustainable improvement loan, rewarding corporate clients for their sustainability achievements

Impact on society

As a large financial institution, we have a broad impact on society, both directly through our own operations and indirectly through our financing portfolio. With this influence comes responsibility. For us, this means making careful and transparent choices about how, where and with whom we do business.

Impact on society
  • A self-reliant society
  • Financially empowered people who contribute to a healthy economy.
  • A diversity programme that empowers colleagues from all backgrounds.
  • Empowered corporate clients with strong social and human rights policies and practices, meaning better business for society.
  • Empowered adolescents through our Power for Youth programme with UNICEF.

  • Responsible consumption and production consistent with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.
  • Direct environmental and social impact through our reduced operational footprint, respectively human rights focus.
  • Indirect impact by supporting clients in addressing environmental and social challenges impacting their business.
  • Knowledge creation on pioneering themes (e.g. Circular Economy) through thought leadership.

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