ING Values

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ING's operations touch many lives: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society at large. Each individual within these groups can, and should expect, us to act with integrity.

Balancing the rights and interests of all involved is crucial to our ongoing viability. To act in ways that can stand the test of time; to live up to the values we hold as true. By being explicit about our values, we tell the world this is how you can expect us to behave.

For us, success will only be achieved if we act with integrity. We will not ignore, tolerate or excuse behaviour that breaches our values. To do so would break the trust of society and the trust of the thousands of great colleagues who do the right thing to take this company forward every day.

One purpose, one way of working

Our ING values are part of the Orange Code – our manifesto that describes our way of working. With integrity above all, the Orange Code is made up of two parts:

ING Values - the non-negotiable promises we make to the world.
The principles we stick to, no matter what.

  1. We are honest.
  2. We are prudent.
  3. We are responsible.

ING Behaviours - our way of being that makes us different from the rest. The commitments we make to each other and the standards by which we measure performance.

  1. Take it on and make it happen.
  2. Help others to be successful.
  3. Always a step ahead.

The Orange Code was developed in 2014, and marks an important step towards one shared culture across ING.

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