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Implementing ideas

The winning ideas from the first Innovation Bootcamp that concluded in late 2014 include the Orange Assistant, a service that automates day-to-day banking based on customer-set rules and triggers. There was also Direct Lease, an online leasing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. These are now available for customers in Turkey and the Netherlands respectively.

ING also has an Innovation Fund in place which provides implementation funding for concepts developed in ING’s various business units. Locally-developed innovations that can be shared and replicated in other countries are prioritised. To date, the fund has financed 12 implementation projects. These include innovative payment solutions with value-added services for shoppers in the pre- and post-purchase phases. It is not only financial support that is provided to these implementation projects. A centralised customer experience centre facilitates low-cost experimentation and manages important innovation projects on behalf of these business units.