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ING is actively involved in the debate on the direction of public policy and regulatory developments that are relevant for the bank and our stakeholders and we engage with supervisors in the countries where we operate. We do this to strategise, develop and coordinate the bank’s positions on important public policy and regulatory affairs topics. The objective is to improve financial regulation and supervision, while keeping in mind ING’s interests and those of our stakeholders.

ING’s Regulatory and International Affairs (R&IA) team:

  • Analyses proposed regulation and developments in the countries where ING is active. It researches the potential effects to ensure an outcome that is compatible with the interests of our business, our stakeholders and society as a whole.

  • Maintains the dialogue with banking supervisors, politicians, government authorities, industry associations, civil society organisations, think tanks and academics. ING participates in industry associations, regularly organises roundtable sessions with policymakers and contributes to legislative consultations.

  • Supports the business in formulating a standpoint and strategy on topics like regulation and business conduct. R&IA also supports ING’s efforts to enhance international business opportunities for customers through joint public-private partnerships and other activities.

Approach to public advocacy

Stakeholders’ interests

Our stakeholders’ interests serve as a guideline when determining our positions on regulatory and supervisory developments. However, the interests of our many stakeholders are diverse and sometimes even conflict. In determining our position we have to strike the right balance and carefully weigh all these diverging interests, including our own.

We do this to align our business processes and strategy as best we can with our stakeholders’ expectations and to comply with our statutory obligations as well as our own values. We continuously seek feedback from our stakeholders on relevant issues and engage with them in a constructive dialogue to establish our positions.


We strive to be open and transparent about our objectives in the legislative processes and the positions we take with regard to developments in financial regulation and supervision. We inform our stakeholders about our activities and explain the arguments and considerations underlying our standpoints in the most comprehensible way. However, for competitive reasons, the privacy considerations of our stakeholders, or as part of the supervisory relationship, we may sometimes refrain from publishing all details.

We communicate via various channels:

  • We use ING’s Integrated Annual Report and to communicate about the most important regulatory developments affecting the financial sector, for example on the Viewpoints page.
  • We regularly organise informative discussions such as roundtable sessions with policymakers and academics.
  • When relevant, we communicate in national and international media.

Registrations and memberships


ING is registered in the EU Transparency Register, adhering to the EU code of conduct for organisations engaged in EU policy-making and implementation. In addition, ING’s public affairs professionals are members of the Society of European Affairs Professionals SEAP.

ING also has a public affairs professional permanently based in The Hague (seat of the Dutch government), who is registered in the lobbying register of the House of Representatives (only one person can be registered per company.) ING’s representative in The Hague is also a member of Dutch Association for Public Affairs.


ING is a member of or participates in a number of industry and business associations in the countries where we operate. Some of these support the interests of the financial industry and/or strengthening of its regulatory and supervisory framework. Others serve the interests of our customers or the general public. These associations engage in legislative processes or in the public and political debate around banking. They generally do so on behalf of their member organisations, but not always based on their full consent. As a consequence, their views and standpoints do not necessarily reflect ING’s individual positions.

Overview of ING’s most relevant memberships:

Banking industry


More information on ING’s stance on various regulatory and supervisory issues can be found in the ING Group Annual Report.

Annual Reports

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