Cookie Statement

Cookies allow us to remember your browsing preferences when you visit our websites or apps and to provide information that’s interesting to you. At ING you have a choice of three cookie settings.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files we store on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you use our websites or apps. Some cookies are necessary for certain functions on our websites, such as viewing our social media content or online banking. Other cookies allow us to analyse your online behaviour on our website and apps. They tell us more about you, such as the country you are in, pages you visit on our site and products or services you may be interested in.

We can use this information to improve our website or simply make your use of it more personal. This analysis can be anonymous or specific to you, depending on which cookie setting you choose.

Certain cookies (such as interest cookies and marketing cookies) process your personal data. Read more in our Privacy Statement about how ING deals with your personal data, also in the context of how we use cookies.

Cookie settings

The cooking settings let you decide which cookies you want to allow. On there are three cookie settings: basic, personal or complete. You can always change the setting in your browser’s ‘internet options’.

1. Basic:

This setting allows functional cookies and anonymous analysis cookies.

Choose this setting if you only want to allow cookies that are required for functioning of the website. Any messages/advertising you see on our website (about products or services, for instance), are not tailored or specially selected for you.

2. Personal:

This setting allows functional cookies, customer-specific analysis cookies, interest cookies and marketing cookies.

If you choose the ‘personal’ setting, we can analyse information about your visit to to improve the website and tailor the messages (marketing) you see from ING. You can also still see the general messages that are visible to everyone under the ‘basic’ setting. These are not tailored or specially selected for you.

3. Complete:

With this setting you allow all cookies: functional, customer-specific analysis cookies, interest cookies, social media cookies and marketing cookies and similar identifiers on ING websites/apps.

Choose this setting to get the most out of our websites and apps. With this setting we remember your details and you give us consent to analyse your visit on a personal level and to use these analyses to tailor messages from ING. This includes content selected specially for you on ING’s website and apps and on websites and apps of third parties inside and outside Europe. For the purpose of personalising content for you and to be able to analyse your behaviour on our website, we may share your IP address with these third parties.

Explaining the different types of cookies

Functional cookies
Ensure our websites and apps work properly

Analysis cookies (anonymous)
Measure the general use of our websites and apps and quickly solve problems

Analysis cookies (customer-specific)
Measure your personal use of our websites and apps

Interest cookies
Save your preferences on our websites and apps

Marketing cookies and similar identifiers
Based on your online behaviour, we can tailor messages (marketing) and content to your interests

Social media cookies
Share the content of our websites and apps via social media

Refuse cookies

If you do not want to accept any cookies at all (including functional cookies and anonymous analysis cookies), you can turn off all cookies in your browser's ‘internet options’. There is a possibility, however, that not everything will work properly on our website if you do so. may not appear as normal and or you may be unable to use some functionality.

Refuse marketing identifiers

Sometimes we collaborate with social media platforms, for example to show you a relevant message on your social media page. To do this, we may share your email address (encrypted) or another identifier with the platform to check whether or not you use it. Aside from this one identifier, we share no other personal data with social media platforms. To receive or turn off personal ads on social media, check your privacy settings on the relevant social media platform (e.g. for Facebook, navigate in Facebook to Settings > Privacy > Advertising).

Change your cookie settings

This privacy and cookie statement may be modified from time to time to comply with applicable laws or to reflect our updated business practices, so please check this page periodically for any changes.

If you have any questions about this privacy and cookie statement or our data processing activities, you can contact us via this website.

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