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Debt securities ING Groep N.V.

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Senior bonds

ING Groep N.V. has issued several fixed or floating rate senior bonds, most of them on the basis of the Debt Issuance Programme. The first column in the table below contains the terms and conditions per security.

Overview per security

ISIN code/
CUSIP code/
Date of issuance Coupon Amount Maturity date Listed on

2 Oct, 2018 4.100% $1,500,000,000 2 Oct, 2023 NYSE

2 Oct, 2018 4.550% $1,250,000,000 2 Oct, 2028 NYSE

2 Oct, 2018 Floating $500,000,000 2 Oct, 2023 NYSE

20 Sep, 2018 2.000% €1,500,000,000 20 Sep, 2028 Euronext-Amsterdam

20 Sep, 2018 Floating €1,000,000,000 20 Sep, 2023 Euronext-Amsterdam

20 Sep, 2018 1.000% €1,000,000,000 20 Sep, 2023 Euronext-Amsterdam

14 Feb, 2018 1.125% €1,000,000,000 14 Feb, 2025 Euronext-Amsterdam

5 Dec, 2017 1.375% €1,000,000,000 11 Jan, 2028 Euronext-Amsterdam

29 Mar, 2017 3.150% $1,500,000,000 29 Mar, 2022 NYSE

29 Mar, 2017 3.950% $1,500,000,000 29 Mar, 2027 NYSE

29 Mar, 2017 Floating $1,000,000,000 29 Mar, 2022 NYSE

9 Mar, 2017 0.75% €1,500,000,000 9 Mar, 2022 Euronext-Amsterdam
Note: Table only shows benchmark transactions

Most recent programme documentation

Please click directly hereunder for the most recent base prospectus, the registration document and the supplements. Earlier versions are also available through this link.

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