Dividend Policy & Payments

ING dividend policy

ING is committed to maintaining a healthy Group CET1 ratio in excess of prevailing fully-loaded requirements, currently 12.5% of risk weighted assets, and to returning capital to our shareholders. We aim to pay a progressive dividend over time.

The aim is to pay an interim dividend with our half year results, as well as a final dividend each year, both in cash. Dividend proposals will reflect considerations including expected future capital requirements, growth opportunities available to the Group, net earnings, and regulatory developments.

Payments per share represent gross amounts which are subject to Dutch dividend withholding tax. The full year dividend needs to be approved by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

Euronext Amsterdam

Financial year Dividend type Amount (€) Record date Payment date
2016 Interim 0.24 08/08/2016 15/08/2016
2015 Interim 0.24 10/08/2015 17/08/2015
Final 0.41 28/04/2016 04/05/2016
Total 0.65    
2014 Interim - - -
Final 0.12 14/05/2015 21/05/2015
Total 0.12    

New York Stock Exchange (ADR holders*)

Financial year Dividend type Amount ($) Record date Payment date
2016 Interim 0.27 15/08/2016 22/08/2016
2015 Interim 0.27 17/08/2015 24/08/2015
Final 0.47 28/04/2016 11/05/2016
Total 0.74    
2014 Interim - - -
Final 0.13 14/05/2015 29/05/2015
Total 0.13    

* More information on American Depository Receipts and related dividends can be found here. The applicable foreign exchange rate, and thus the final amount, is determined at the time of the dividend payment.

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