Cash is past tense

24 October 2016 ... min read

24 October 2016

Payconiq launches its first TV commercial in Belgium on the simplicity of mobile payments.

Home early: First Belgian TV commercial by Payconiq. [00:15]

In the clip, a young guy returns home after a concert, pays his friend for the ticket – and then finds out his girlfriend was with someone else that night.

The ad illustrates how quick and easy life can be thanks to Payconiq. Well, some things, anyway.

With the payments platform, developed by ING, customers can make payments online and instantly transfer money to friends and family, irrespective of their bank. It also allows customers to pay contactless in stores and get loyalty points.

In August, ING and Belgian bank KBC joined forces to promote the platform among retailers. Currently, it's possible to make contactless payments with Payconiq at around 6,000 Belgian shops.

The two partners also recently launched a joint loyalty platform linked to Payconiq called Join; formerly known as Qustomer (ING) and CityLife (KBC). No less than 1.4 million Belgian customers already use Join to shop and save.

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