Could banking with fintechs be the answer in developing and emerging countries?

22 November 2016 ... min read

22 November 2016

For those living in developing and emerging countries, getting access to banking services can be difficult. After all, banks are hardly in the habit of building new branches in remote communities.

However, the emergence of financial technology could change all that with those less well-off able to access traditional banking services including lending by mobile or online means. The challenge though is to get investors to put their money into these fintechs so that banking services can be expanded accordingly.

To guide investors in this, ING has developed an index to assess the fintech environment of 73 developing and emerging countries.

The index covers three broad aspects that can influence and drive fintech investment decisions: Demand, supply and the political and regulatory risk environment.

Download Fintech Index Report 2016 (PDF, 1,7KB) and Fintech Index Country Infographics (PDF, 24,8KB)

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