#CupofCulture: using coffee to stir conversations on culture

27 May 2024 ... min read

Whether in the coffeehouses of the 17th century or the Starbucks of today, humans have often turned to coffee to accompany good conversation. There’s just something about a warm brew that softens the heart and opens the mind, so to mark this year’s World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, we gave colleagues a ‘cup of culture’ and asked them how ING’s cultural diversity benefits our business and our customers.

We are, after all, a culturally rich organisation, with people from over 130 nationalities across our workforce. In fact, it’s likely a lot of you are reading this in a language that’s not your native one. We’re proud to be a diverse and inclusive company, where we appreciate each other’s differences and similarities and actively learn from one another.

In the video, hear from the likes of Yvon, who speaks of the role cultural diversity can have in strengthening teamwork and broadening perspectives, and Xiomara, who sees diversity as a tool to bring great ideas to our customers.

Watch the full video below.

Employee networks

Did you know that we have several culture employee networks across the globe? 'Mosaic' in Australia, 'Crossing' in the Netherlands and Belgium, 'Cultural Diversity Community' in Germany and 'Culture' in Hubs Poland. All these networks are led by passionate ING colleagues who voluntarily support us in nurturing and celebrating our diverse and inclusive workforce.

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