Dutch customers to go social

09 September 2016 ... min read

9 September 2016

In the western world an average person can have up to five social media accounts and spend up to two hours a day browsing these networks.

So it makes sense that last Tuesday week, ING Netherlands announced that it would be possible for customers of ING and other Dutch banks to pay each other (back) via social media, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can also do this via e-mail or SMS.

Channel of choice

Jeroen Losekoot, the Netherlands’ Manager of Marketing Internet & Mobile said that customers can now create a payment request via smartphone on the ING Mobile Banking app. The app, he said, then generates a link that can be shared via the online channel of their choice, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, but also SMS and e-mail.

The person that needs to pay the money opens the link and pays via iDeal. ING makes sure that the amount will be immediately on the bank account at the receivers’ end.

‘Most mobile bank’

The initiative ties in with a new campaign that depicts ING as the most mobile bank in the Netherlands. The campaign will run from 22 August to 2 October and is targeted at 18 to 35-year-olds who have a tendency to try out new products and technology before it is adopted by the masses.

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