Footprint Insight now available in the app for all Dutch mobile users

04 July 2024 14:00 CET ... min read

A banking app feature that allows Dutch private customers to see the estimated CO2 emissions of their expenses is now available for every mobile banking app user.

Footprint Insight, launched initially as a pilot to 500,000 Dutch customers, not only makes them aware of the high-level impact of their spending on climate, but also provides them with simple tips to reduce their footprint. Customers can also compare their emissions to the national average.

“Data combined with superior analytics leads to insight and foresight – Bahadir Yilmaz

Footprint Insight, an optional extra, was made available via the app to all Dutch private customers in May and is an extension of the existing Insight feature on their app which groups income and expenses per spending category. It calculates an estimated CO2 emission based on monthly expenditure in various categories, applying emission factors specific to the Netherlands. The feature allows users to make the connection between their spending habits and environmental impact. For more information on the footprint insight and how it's calculated see

As the climate crisis is becoming increasingly urgent, we’re taking steps to transition to a low carbon economy and we want to work with our customers to help make a difference.
We already support our customers in the Netherlands in the transition of their homes by offering insights and sustainable mortgages for example. We've made these services available as part of our aim to put sustainability at the heart of what we do.

Head of Sustainability for ING in the Netherlands, Léon Wijnands said we have tested Footprint Insight extensively and listened to customer responses.

“With the introduction of this feature to all our private customers we use our digital capabilities to turn data into valuable insights.”

During the pilot, a customer survey was undertaken with almost half of those surveyed indicating that they know which purchases had a bigger impact on the climate and more than half indicating that they would like to reduce their footprint and would like to be informed about this.

Footprint Insight was developed in collaboration with carbon footprint management experts, Cogo.

Society is transitioning to a low-carbon economy. So are our clients, and so is ING. We finance a lot of sustainable activities, but we still finance more that’s not. See how we’re progressing on

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