ING Commercial Banking renamed ING Wholesale Banking

20 January 2016 ... min read

20 January 2016

From today, ING Commercial Banking will be known as ING Wholesale Banking. The new name better reflects the large corporate and institutional, international offering that makes up the vast majority of our business. It will clearly position ING as a global wholesale bank and better describes what we do and the types of clients we serve.

Commercial Banking renames to Wholesale Banking

Our product offering remains unchanged. We will continue to provide our clients with a broad suite of financial services, including corporate finance, treasury, lending and debt capital, industry lending, trade finance service, working capital solutions, international cash management, commodity and export finance, clearing and securities finance.

ING Wholesale Banking has an extensive international network of offices in more than 40 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our global franchises in Industry Lending, General Lending, Transaction Services and Financial Markets serve a range of organisations, including corporates, multinational corporations, financial institutions, governments and supranational bodies.

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