ING commits EUR 100 million to fund Sustainable Investments

18 January 2018 ... min read

Amsterdam, 18 January 2018

ING has launched Sustainable Investments, committing EUR 100 million of capital for investments to support sustainable ’scale-ups’ with a proven concept and a positive environmental impact.

Sustainable Investments will target opportunities in all sectors and focus on innovative business models with a track record that still require funding to expand their existing business organically or via a ’buy and build’ strategy. Initially the team will pro-actively pursue opportunities in the Benelux and over time extend the focus to ING’s other core markets.

The initiative forms part of ING’s wider sustainability strategy, which aims to accelerate sustainable businesses in areas including the energy transition, the circular economy and water, supporting companies that do not yet fulfil all the criteria for an all-in senior financing solution.

In order to create a diversified portfolio, the EUR 100 million commitment will be gradually invested during the next three to four years and Mark Weustink, director within ING’s Corporate Investments team, will lead and manage Sustainable Investments.

"Sustainability has become a strategic priority and board room topic for many of our clients” said Weustink. “Our commitment of risk-bearing capital, ranging from junior debt to ordinary equity, enables ING to fill a client need and add to our overall sustainable finance strategy.”

“This step enables ING to support our clients who are proactively making changes in their business models to adapt to a more sustainable and energy-friendly way for the future, and further support them throughout their journey,” he added. “We are very keen to make this initiative a success for our clients and will thoroughly review every opportunity we receive."

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