ING joins forces on blockchain-based platform for energy commodities sector

06 November 2017 ... min read

6 November 2017

Blockchain technology. It’s often been described as the most important invention in computing in a generation.

So it should come as no surprise that ING is again at the forefront of the technology. This time joining forces with banks and some of the largest, energy companies and trading houses to create a blockchain-based digital platform that intends to modernise and transform energy commodities trading.

“I am very excited about this initiative,” said Anthony van Vliet, ING’s Global Head of Trade and Commodity Finance, “Marquee brands and competitors in the energy, trade and banking industry sharing one vision gives us a great opportunity to transform processing in the energy trade commodity sector.”

The new venture seeks to create a secure, real-time blockchain-based digital platform to manage physical energy transactions from trade entry to final settlement. In doing so, it digitalises the process and allows the sector to move away from traditional paper contracts and operations documentation.

Lower cost of energy

Such efficiencies aim to reduce the cost for industry participants which could ultimately result in lower costs for consumers.

The platform is expected to be operational by the end of 2018 and follows the ING-led blockchain initiative, Easy Trading Connect aimed at the larger commodity trade finance area. In addition, ING is a member of the R3 consortium, a group of banks exploring viable blockchain use cases in other areas.

The platform will also reduce administrative operational risks of physical energy trading. It should also improve the reliability and efficiency of trading operations for all supply chain users, while opening the door to innovative funding and financing solutions.

Independent entity

ING is one of three banks involved in the consortium including ABN Amro and Societe Generale. ING also teamed up with Societe Generale on Easy Trading Connect. Several of the world’s largest energy companies and trading houses, i.e BP, Shell and Statoil, Gunvor, Koch Supply & Trading, Mercuria are behind the venture which will be managed and operated as an independent entity. The technology is intended to be made available to all market participants and service providers in the energy trading sector.

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