ING launches 'do your thing'

06 January 2020 ... min read Listen

ING has started 2020 with a new brand direction including the company’s first global tagline ‘do your thing’. It’s a next step in ING’s Think Forward strategy.

The new brand direction articulates our purpose of empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and business and is about encouraging people to do more of the things that move them. It is about people being free to focus on what matters most to them knowing that, whether in their private or professional lives, they can make their world a little better for it.

It can mean different things to different people as everyone progresses in their own way - whether they’re running a multinational company, learning to play the banjo, or picking up litter off the beach.

ING is there to enable people to do banking with minimum friction and maximum simplicity by offering experiences that are easy, smart and personal. Experiences that are consistent and the same everywhere.

Take off at Schiphol

This year, we will start using ‘do your thing’ in all marketing, communication and sponsoring activities, starting with a new advertising campaign at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in January.

The campaign will span the upcoming three years as ING and Schiphol have renewed their partnership up until the end of 2022. Throughout this period, ING will maintain its position as the flagship media partner of Schiphol with prominent advertising on all inside and outside air bridges.

ING’s retail and wholesale businesses will be launching new advertising campaigns in most local markets in this year. These campaigns will include new brand elements like a new style of photography, a sound logo and always signing off with ‘do your thing’.

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