ING selected as one of world’s four most innovative banks

06 May 2024 16:00 CET ... min read

ING’s pioneering use of Gen AI has seen it selected as one of the four most innovative banks/fintechs globally according to Global Finance magazine.

Since ING launched a generative AI (genAI) chatbot in September 2023, thousands of customers have interacted with it and is the first customer-facing pilot conducted in Europe.

“Working as a team with global consultancy McKinsey, it took just seven weeks to build and deploy the service. Having created a path to double the performance of the chatbot in the subsequent six months, ING plans to build a scalable model that can be extended to all other ING countries and to set up a technical foundation for ING to address a comprehensive set of genAI use cases across the group,” the magazine said.

Global Finance said the pilot study helped define a blueprint to scale across 10 markets, with the potential to impact more than 37 million customers across 40 countries, far outpacing previous industry-standard chatbots that can take several years of programming and fine-tuning to get into shape.

“Data combined with superior analytics leads to insight and foresight – Bahadir Yilmaz

The magazine followed up its award announcement by interviewing ING’s chief analytics officer, Bahadir Yilmaz.

He told the magazine that data combined with superior analytics leads to insight and foresight, which allows us to give our customers a superior experience that is easy, personal, instant and relevant.

“We would like to position analytics and AI as the most critical enablers in transforming our operations,” said Bahadir

Meanwhile, Bahadir has also been quoted in a New York Times article on the use of the genAI chatbot.

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