ING supports UN push to tackle climate change and end poverty

25 September 2015 ... min read Listen

25 September 2015

Today, more than 190 world leaders will pledge to tackle climate change, end extreme poverty and to fight inequality and injustice by 2030.

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At a special two-day summit in New York, the UN will launch 17 global development goals for the next 15 years in a post-2015 development agenda.

ING is contributing to many of these goals through its Sustainability Direction strategy and will be present at the launch of the goals.

Leon Wijnands, ING’s Global Head of Sustainability: “Together with other major companies, we will discuss at UN Summit’s Private Sector Forum, how each of us can contribute to these global goals."

“In ING’s Sustainability Direction, we focus on two themes: Financial Empowerment and Sustainable Transitions. These address financial education and the transition to more sustainable businesses. These themes are in line with goals set by the UN that relate to better quality education, cleaner energy and more sustainable consumption and production patterns.”

“I am very proud to represent ING at the UN Private Sector Forum and to have the opportunity to discuss with decision makers and leaders, how best we can drive sustainable progress in society.”

“ING fully supports the goals and together with our customers and partners, we believe we have the scale, ability and drive to make a difference."

To help promote the goals, a global initiative, Project Everyone, is underway to share the goals with seven billion people in seven days. ING fully supports the initiative and encourages everyone to take part in communicating the goals far and wide.

“If the goals are going to work, everyone needs to know about them. We don’t want to go only half way,” said Wijnands.

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