ING to refocus innovation approach, bringing initiatives closer to customers

12 September 2022 ... min read

ING announced today it is adapting its innovation approach, bringing initiatives closer to the business, in line with our strategic focus on providing a superior customer experience and putting sustainability at the heart of what we do.

“We have a well-recognised track record of innovation and using technology to better serve our customers,” said Steven van Rijswijk, CEO of ING. “To keep meeting – and exceeding – customer expectations in a fast-moving competitive environment, we have to stay on top of emerging trends and technologies and identify opportunities with the potential to have a real impact. The best way to achieve this is by sharpening our focus on a selected few promising initiatives and letting more of the core business innovation activities take place in our businesses, as close as we can to where we make a difference for our customers.”

To accelerate the benefits for customers, core business innovation initiatives will be transferred to the businesses and functions, spun out to the market, or discontinued when no alternative is available.

Centrally, at group level, we intend to combine our innovation arm, ING Neo, with the Corporate Strategy team. The Group Strategy and Innovation department (GS&I), set to start in January 2023, will focus on identifying disruptive, next-generation opportunities , concentrating on a selective number of high-potential, high impact initiatives.

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