Live interview Fox Business with CEO Ralph Hamers

25 September 2015 ... min read Listen

Amsterdam, 25 September 2015

This morning CEO Ralph Hamers joined Fox Business anchor woman Maria Bartiromo for a live interview in “Mornings with Maria”.

Morning with Maria

USA’s second quarter GDP growth

Ralph Hamers discussed the global economic growth in the context of the USA’s second quarter GDP growth, published today, as well as how economies in emerging markets impact the European economy.

Another topic was the low interest environment. Ralph Hamers explained that while negative for depositors, the low interest environment also provides opportunities as relatively cheap lending will ultimately drive higher demand while refinancing of mortgages will also stimulate consumer purchasing power.

emerging markets signaling slowdown in economic growth

Further expand the model of digital banking

Ralph further commented on how banks are dealing with the regulatory environment. He also elaborates on the investments ING is making to further expand the model of digital banking to create a differentiating customer experience. Despite the financial investments needed, ultimately this will decrease overall costs for the bank as well.

americans getting burned by federal reserve policy
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